Insights on Renewables

2019 is the first year when expansion of renewables is seen to slow down. However, total power capacity expansion in 2019 was also well below average and non-renewable capacity expansion was remarkably low. Consequently, the share of renewables in capacity expansion continued its upward trend to reach 72% in 2019. Similarly, the renewable share of total generation capacity rose from 33.3% in 2018 to 34.7% in 2019. At the regional level, non-renewable capacity expansion in 2019 continued to follow long-term trends, with net growth in Asia, the Middle East and Africa, but net decommissioning in Europe and North America and little change in other regions. However, renewables still accounted for at least 70% of total capacity expansion in almost all regions in 2019. The two exceptions were Africa and the Middle East, where renewables accounted for only 52% and 26%, respectively, of net additions.




Renewable Energy Sources

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